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How I took a Struggling Chiropractic Business from $5k a month to $112k in 5 Months

By |November 11th, 2019|

Chiropractique How I Helped Chiropractique Increase Revenue from $5k to $115k Monthly in 5 MonthsIntroduction: Eric Bender, introduced to me by a mutual business contact, had a small chiro business within a gym/health group in which he was a partner. For Eric, the idea of reaching out to me stemmed from his experience of trying to manage not only the business operations, but also growing the business to profit – which at the time was still heavy with significant debt. I suggested to Eric that he partner in an MSO (Management Services Organization) and grow his and other chiros’ businesses together.Challenge: The chiropractic industry is a $16 billion one with an annual growth of 1.9%. The issue, however, is when that number gets broken down amongst the 68,000 U.S. chiropractic businesses, the average chiropractic group will bring in around $19,000 monthly. The overhead immediately becomes a problem. This is a fractured industry; staying lean and systemizing is essential while still maintaining best care practices for each patient.Our Journey:  In June, Eric and I met to discuss goals. I proposed that Eric separate from his [...]