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Our Team

Billy Canu

Founder – Canu Group.

BIlly hails from an extensive online marketing and management background where he worked with the Warner, Paramount, Oakley, Red Bull, McDonalds, and more on large scale projects.

Billy launched his first project, Fox & Jane, a New York City-based salon that spans 10 locations and generates $15 million in revenue per year. Renegade Fitcamp, another of Canu’s businesses, is a network of three 3 locations that brings in about $1 million per year.

Michael Harbron

Managing Partner – Canu Group.

Michael gets his experience from an extensive advertising and marketing background in London where he worked with the Global Radio group on small business development and larger promotional contracts with corporations such as Disney, before moving to Spotify during their launch into America.

Alongside investment decisions, Michael oversees legal, including process streamlining and implementation of new systems to make a business more efficient.

Canu Group Partners

Here are a few projects Billy and team
are currently invested in:

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