How I grew Yoga Box from
a dream to 2 locations in 9 Months

The Yoga Box

How I grew Yoga Box from a dream to 2 locations in 9 Months


Yoga Box is an experiential Yoga Practice that provides a lighted environment, surround sound, and programming to help deepen and advance one’s practice. It was even named by San Diego Magazine as the “Best Yoga Studio”

9 months ago though, this was just a dream. Enter Amanda Burns, an experienced Yogi who had success in her following and in management for a major studio but had dreams for a better yoga experience and to work for herself.  Law of attraction, Amanda knew my husband and I from Renegade and she heard I was looking for a Yoga partner. She reached out to my husband in a yoga class and said if I was still looking she would be interested. A few months later, Yoga Box was opening.


The yoga industry is a $11 billion one with an annual growth of 1-2%. It’s the #1 boutique group fitness category with over 6,000 studios.  Statistics show that students see a disparity in the quality of classes “That attending a class from Mom and Pop to Big Box was a gamble in quality and experience”